We Patricians witness the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ through the manner of our life together as Brothers.

We believe that only true hope is found in Jesus Christ. Our dream is that through the example of St. Patrick, God will be glorified, people will feel loved, and the world will be transformed.

Our company is a collective of amazing people striving to build delightful products.

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The Patrician Mission

The Brothers of Saint Patrick, popularly known in most countries as the Patrician Brothers, is a Roman Catholic Religious Congregation founded by Bishop Daniel Delany in Tullow, Ireland, on Tuesday the 2nd February, 1808. Bishop Delany founded the Brothers to educate the boys and people of his diocese in the faith and traditions of the Catholic Church. Under British rule for several centuries, the Catholic faith in Ireland had been suppressed by the British and thus near forgotten by the Irish. From the small town of Tullow, the Brothers reached out to every corner of Ireland and eventually to every corner of the globe. From Tullow to Los Angeles, from Aitape to Chennai, from Dormaa to Sydney, the Brothers travelled with their primary message Christus in Corde Omnium: Christ is in all people and in all of His creation.
Patrician Mission

Our educational presence around the world

Extending the gift of education to all corners of the world since 1808. Serving students from all nationalities with deep respect for local cultures.


Patrician Projects

Around the world there are many hundreds of Religious Orders, Congregations, and Institutions. These were all founded for both a common and specific purpose or ministry.

Some current global statistics:
Diocesan priests: 260,000
Religious priests: 140,000
Religious sisters: 739,000
Religious brothers: 55,000


Patrician Brofiles

Meet some of the Brothers from around the world. See them in their ministries and hear
what they say about being a Patrician Brother today.
You will find more profiles and more on the YouTube Patrician channel.
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