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From the small Irish town of Tullow, the Brothers reached out to every corner of Ireland and eventually to every corner of the globe. From Galway to Los Angeles, from Aitape to Chennai, from Dormaa to Sydney, the Brothers travelled with their primary message Christus in Corde Omnium: Christ is in all people and in all of His creation.


For over one hundred years in Ireland the teaching and living of the Catholic faith was very much suppressed by British rule. Through what were called the Penal Laws, no Catholic could own land, could be in a position of social authority, or could be instructed in the faith.

Such was the situation which forced a sixteen year old Daniel Delany of Mountrath to sneak away to France in 1763 so he could study for the priesthood.


In 1875, three Irish Patrician Brothers – Ignatius, Paul and Fintan – began their mission by taking care of the destitute and orphan boys of the Archdiocese of Madras. They founded the St. Patrick’s High School and orphanage. Their strong faith enabled them to dedicate themselves to the primary object of their mission in those difficult days.


The story of the Patrician Brothers coming to Australia in 1883 has its beginnings in Australia itself. White Australia began in 1788 as a penal colony for the British Government. From the beginning, relations between Church and State were somewhat strained, especially between the Irish Catholic Church and British State.


At the invitation of the Bishop of Eldoret the Brothers took over the running of the Secondary Boarding School in Iten in September 1961.

Down the years the school gained popularity because of its success not only in academic subjects but also in sports. Many of the renowned Kenyan athletes are ex-Iten students. Since 1994 the school is under secular management with some Brothers occupying positions on the School Board.


Early in July, 2007, Superior General Br Jerome Ellens arrived in Ghana as a vanguard, by the end of the month two of the three pioneer Brothers from India had arrived.

For the first twelve months two of the Brothers taught in an already established school while one Brother organised the establishment, from scratch, of the Brothers’ school at Dormaa.

Papua New Guinea

In 1968 the Australian Province moved into another stage of its history with the Brothers becoming involved with education in Papua New Guinea. As in the Australian story, this branch resulted from an invitation of a Bishop: Ignatius Doggett. He was the bishop of the Diocese of Aitape in the West Sepik Province and had been a student of the Patricians at Holy Cross College, Ryde.


It was on the 9th of February, 1846, that the Brothers were amazed when they received a letter from America. They were even more amazed when they read the letter and found that a Reverend James Dolan, pastor of Baltimore in the State of Maryland, was asking them to take over an orphanage school for boys in his parish.

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