Early in July, 2007, Superior General Br Jerome Ellens arrived in Ghana as a vanguard. By the end of the month two of the three pioneer Brothers from India had arrived.

For the first twelve months two of the Brothers taught in an already established school while one Brother organised the establishment, from scratch, of the Brothers’ school at Dormaa.

The school year begins in September in Ghana, and by September, 2008, Delany Academy, Dormaa, was able to take in its first students, two junior classes totalling just over seventy students. The academy was and is housed in the parish hall which had been extensively renovated to accommodate the staff and students.

The Brothers, Br Thomas Kuzumbil, Br Jeyaseelan Savarimuthu, and Br George Mangara, were and are accommodated in a purpose-built monastery.

Being only two classes at this early stage, and having the services of three lay teachers, only Br George is involved in the school full-time as Head Teacher which at this stage is mainly about getting the rest of the school built. He does this with the help of Br Thomas as building project officer.

Brothers Thomas and Jeyaseelan work in the parish helping in six of the twenty-six outstations of the parish. They also help in the organistion of the local HIV/Aids Awareness programme in the area.

Subjects taught in the school are your standard ones for junior students. Computer Studies is taught from the beginning as is French.


The building programme has been a struggle and is very expensive, and apparently despite their best efforts the builders do not always get it right and some structures have had to be demolished and rebuilt eating very heavily into available funds. Water of course is a must. At first it was thought this would be supplied and plentiful, but in the end a twenty-two metre deep well had to be dug. This is adequate for the school’s needs.

But despite the struggles, the expense, and the rebuilds, it all seems to be on schedule for September 2009. The school will double in size to over 140, but it seems they will be well accommodated in their new classrooms.

This is thanks to the hard work of the Brothers, the co-operation of the local Bishop and priests, the support and good-will of the staff and parents, and the financial support of many international sponsors, ranging from the Little Way Association of London to the family and friends of the Congregation. Brother Jerome’s own family have contributed more than 500 pounds; an anonymous Sydney friend has donated $10,000. Br Peter Higgins in Sydney raised money which was used in the renovations of the parish hall which included a new ceiling, lights, and fans.

Through these donations Delany Academy is rising out of the jungle and thousands of Ghanian boys and girls will have the opportunity of an education over the years to come. Four students in the school and three girls in the local orphanage are also sponsored each year with the monies given. Children are being given the opportunity of a better life. Their dreams and the dreams of their parents now have the opportunity of coming to fruition. Well done to Br Jerome for having the vision, to the three pioneer Patricians for putting in the hard work, to all those who have helped and are helping along the way.

Present Patrician Locations in Ghana

1. Is Accra, the capital of Ghana.
2. Dormaa
3. Is Sunyani, where the Brothers first arrived and taught in Ghana.

Dormaa is 347 kilometres from Ghana’s capital Accra. Better known as Dormaa Ahenkro it is the capital of the Dormaa District. It has an area of 2200 square kms and a population of over 150,000
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2007 Sunyani
2008 Dormaal



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2008 Delany Academy - Blessing of ground for new site - Br Jerome Ellens visits - School crest
2008 Delany Academy – Blessing of ground for new site – Br Jerome Ellens visits – School crest
Entrance – Quadrangle – Br Jeyaseelan in class – In the computer lab – Br Thomas’s water project