Danial Delany


Bishop Daniel Delany

On the 2nd February, 1808, Bishop Delany gathered in the four of his male catechists who had expressed their desire to dedicate their lives to God’s service as members of a religious institute. As catechists, these men had for several years received intensive and personal training from the bishop to assist them in their ministry and in their personal and spiritual lives.
During the celebration of the foundation Eucharist it is said that Bishop Delany touched the tabernacle before him with the Consecrated Host and said: Ne Quis Evertat Quod Feci! (Let no one undo what I have done!)
For the next six years, until his death in 1814, Bishop Delany stayed close to his fledgling religious institute encouraging them, inspiring them, instructing them, and recreating with them whenever he could.

We Patricians discover the heart of Jesus Christ

The Brothers of St. Patrick was born from the heart of a bishop concerned with the need to educate the poorest members of his Catholic community in Ireland during the 1800s. Amid penal laws that prohibited the education or advancement of Catholics in that country, to offer a free education to the people of his diocese.


From 1808 to 1883 the Patricians spread to other parts of Ireland, to America (1846), India (1875), and Australia (1883).  During these years, while there was a union between the Patrician houses, the Brothers in each diocese were under the direct authority of the local Bishop, there was no central executive body as such.

It was in 1888 that the Brothers of Ireland and India gained temporary Papal Approbation which in effect meant that the Institute was then recognised as Religious Congregation and as such they could govern themselves: the Brothers came under the jurisdiction of their own governing body made up of the Superior General and his Councillors. The first Superior General was Brother Alphonsus Delany.

In 1891 Australia was incorporated into the Approbation. In 1893 the Brothers gained Final Approbation.

The Superior General, today known as the Congregation Leader, and his Council are elected by delegates from around the world who gather together for a General Chapter every six years.

Br.Alphons Delny

Br. Alphonsus Delany

1888 – 1893 & 1899 – 1906

Br.Stanislaus Slattery

Br. Stanislaus Slattery

1931 - 1937

Br.Denis Lomasney

Br. Denis Lomasney

1968 -1974

Br.Denis Lomasney

Br. Cormac Commins

1992 -1998

Br.Anthony O' Neill

Br. Anthony O' Neill

1893 -1899

Br.Finbar Downes

Br. Finbar Downes

1937 - 1950

Br.Robert Ruane

Br. Robert Ruane

1974 - 1980

Br.Philip Muthall

Br. Philip Muthall

1998 - 2004

Br. Jerome Byrne

1906 – 1919

Br. Dermot Dunne

1950 – 1956

Br.Patrick Lovegrove

Br. Patrick Lovegrove

1980 -1986

Br.Jerome Ellens

Br. Jerome Ellens

2004 -2016

Br.Boniface Caroll

Br. Boniface Caroll

1919 - 1931

Br.Francis Redmond

Br. Francis Redmond


Br.Aengus Kavanagh

Br. Aengus Kavanagh

1986 - 1992

Br.Peter Ryan

Br. Peter Ryan

2016 - 2022

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